Freak Files: Introducing the Smart Bikini!!

Plus a hero gets billed for saving people and a drunk driver crashes into a truck with "Don't Drink And Drive" painted on the side!

June 22, 2016

Introducing The Smart Bikini!

A “smart bikini” exists and it will tell you when it’s time to put on more sunscreen.

A French company invented the wearable tech. The $167-dollar bikini is a two-piece swimsuit with a small detachable ultraviolet sensor that will alert your smartphone or tablet when it’s time to re-slather on the sun protection.

We got this from The New York Daily News, and they say the detector can be calibrated to your skin type and how much of a tan you want.

There’s even a “Valentine” function that will send a message to your significant other that it’s time to --wink, wink-- help you put the sunscreen on.


A Guy Saved a Family Trapped in a Van . . . and Got a $143 Bill

This is why people are reluctant to help ANYBODY.

Derrick Deanda from Elk Grove, California was in his car last month when he saw a van swerve off the road and roll over.  And he immediately stopped to help.  It's a good thing he did, because a guy and his three kids were trapped inside. 

Derrick broke a window and helped pull them out safely before the paramedics showed up.  And now, a few weeks later, Derrick got his reward, a $143 bill from the city.

It turns out that when Derrick broke the window on the van, he got a small cut on his hand.  One of the paramedics took a quick look at it, and BOOM, $143.

Derrick says he's shocked they charged him for helping save the family.  Quote, "I mean, why would I want to stop to help somebody if I'm going to get a bill?" 


A Drunk Driver Crashed Into a Truck With "Don't Drink and Drive" Painted on the Side

Once everyone stops being mad here, they'll have to appreciate the irony . . . right?

A 46-year-old guy from Monmouth, Oregon named Eric Jones was driving drunk this weekend, and missed a turn.  So he crashed through a fence, and collided with a truck that was parked outside a collision REPAIR shop.

But THAT'S not even the most ironic part.  No, it's that the truck Eric hit had "Don't Drink and Drive" painted on the side.

The guy who owns the repair shop and the truck says he painted that on his old truck as a public service announcement and a warning.  Big miss on both counts, huh?

Anyway, Eric was arrested for drunk driving.