Freak Files: Man Escapes Russian Prison By Squeezing Out Of The Food Slot

Plus a sneaky wife puts a GPS tracker on her husbands car .... and be aware of what pics you post online!

June 21, 2016

Man Escapes Russian Prison By Squeezing Out Of The Food Slot

A suspect nicknamed "snake man" escaped a Russian prison cell by squeezing his entire body through the tiny food slot at the front of his cell.

25-year-old robbery suspect Rustam Shakhrutdinov threw his clothes through the small food slot before squeezing through the slot completely naked.

Once free, he dressed himself in the hallway and made a run for it!  Rustam, “the snake man,” is still on the run!


Guy Thought There Was a Bomb on His Car, But It Was Just A GPS Tracker His Wife Installed

A guy in Leeds, England was about to head to work last week, when he saw a suspicious device strapped to the bottom of his car. 

So he called the cops, because he thought it might be a BOMB.  He's a military veteran, so he and the cops both agreed it was possible that a terrorist might target him.

The bomb squad rushed to his house, and started making plans to evacuate all the schools and houses nearby.  But RIGHT before they could start getting people out, they figured out what the device REALLY was.

It turns out it was a GPS tracker that the guy's WIFE had secretly put on his car, to monitor him.  The cops didn't say why she wanted to track him.  And as far as we know, no charges have been filed. 


A Woman Posts Pictures of Her Couch For Sale But Accidently Posts Topless Photos

A 25-year-old woman named Jessica O'Brien from Manchester, England was uploading some pictures of her couch on Facebook yesterday, to see if anyone wanted to buy it.

And somehow, she accidentally uploaded ANOTHER photo from her phone, one that showed her TOPLESS!  Oops.  The picture got deleted, but nothing is ever really deleted on the Internet.

Jessica says she's, quote, "really embarrassed" about it.  But then again, it's making her couch sale go viral, so it's not all bad.  She was asking for $590 for the couch . . . no word on whether it sold yet. 

Click here for photos of the couch, and a censored one of her chest.