Freak Files: Man Flushes His Late Friend's Ashes At Every Ballpark In America

May 3, 2017

Man Flushes His Late Friend's Ashes One Ballpark At A Time

Tom McDonald (from New York City) is a man on a mission. 

A mission to flush the cremated remains of his lifelong friend and plumber, Roy Reigel, down every ballpark toilet around the country.

Tom says that it's a fitting tribute for Roy, since he was such a huge baseball fan. . . . and a plumber.

Tom’s endeavor has one very important rule: A baseball game has to be in progress when he sprinkles the ashes into the toilet from a plastic bottle.

So far, he's done the deed at 16 stadiums and plans to slowly make his way to all of them.


Mother of the Year??

And now, we present our mother of the year!!!  NOT! 

Although you might agree that she could be nominated for Zombie of the year. 

Twenty-four year-old MORGAN JOYCE VARN, of South Carolina, was arrested for kidnapping, armed robbery and property damage.

She's covered in tattoos, on her face, on her neck, and on her forehead.  We’re not judging her on that.  It’s just a little FREAKY that she has tattoos IN HER EYES!

Yes, the whites of her eyes have been tattooed with black ink, making her looking like the undead.

Click here to see her mugshot.


A Guy Rescues a Woman Who Fell Onto the Train Tracks . . . and Someone Stole His Backpack

No good deed goes unpunished. 

34-year-old Anil Vennavalli was at a train station in Edison, New Jersey last Friday morning when one of his female coworkers FAINTED and fell off the platform onto the tracks.

Anil immediately dropped his backpack and jumped down to help her.  Two other people also jumped down, and the three of them pulled the woman to safety JUST before a train arrived.

And what was Anil's reward for his heroism?  While he was down on the tracks, someone STOLE his backpack.  He says it had his $700 computer, $200 cash, and his headphones inside.  The cops are trying to track down the thief.

As for the woman, she said she fainted because she hadn't had time to eat breakfast that morning.  She wound up with a fractured knee and a broken ankle.  Click here to see some pictures of the rescue