Freak Files: A man quit his job for WHAT??

July 19, 2016

Man Quits Job In Order To Catch All The Pokémon

Pokémon’s slogan is “Gotta catch 'em all”, but at what cost?

A bartender in New Zealand actually quit his job in order to play Pokémon Go! full time.  Tom Currie said that his former manager was supportive when he quit, but that his family was "a little bit baffled" by his decision.

So far, Currie has been enjoying his decision, and says he's caught 91 out of 151 possible Pokémon in the game. Plus, he's met a bunch of friends and visited a lot of interesting places in his travels.

He says that he plans on working on his own business once he returns home to Auckland.


A Guy Gets Away During a High-Speed Chase . . . Then Posts a Map of His Route on Facebook

The police should know that anytime they're dealing with a suspect under the age of 30, they can just sit back and wait for him to eventually incriminate himself on social media.  It's almost guaranteed.

A 20-year-old guy named Connor Lloyd from Cambridge, England was driving the wrong way down a few one-way streets earlier this year, and he wasn’t drunk, he was doing it just to be doing it. 

The cops tried to pull him over, but he sped off, and they got into a high-speed chase.  He was going 100, and amazingly, he shook them and got away.

And then he totally blew it by bragging about it on Facebook.  He even posted a MAP of his route during the chase.  The police tracked him down and arrested him.

He was in court last week and got six months in jail for dangerous driving. 

Click here to see a photo of him and his map.


A New Bride Falls Off a Scooter, and Her Husband Just Keeps Driving

Apparently, weddings in China aren’t as elaborate as the uber expensive ones we see here in the States. 

We have a newlywed couple in china, and they’re leaving their wedding on a scooter.  We assume they’re just leaving because the bride is still in her white wedding dress, and the groom is dressed to the nines. 

Well as they leave (on their scooter), they hit a speed bump and the bride, white wedding gown and all, falls off the scooter!  The husband doesn’t notice and just keeps on driving. . . . . his scooter! 

Click here for the video.