Freak Files: OUCH! A Groom Got Bitten by a Rattlesnake During His Wedding Photos

Plus -- Stupid Criminals

June 23, 2016

A Groom Got Bitten by a Rattlesnake During His Wedding Photos

I hope this couple isn't into symbolism, because this MIGHT not be the best sign for their marriage.

A 44-year-old guy named Johnny Benson married his girlfriend Laura in Fort Collins, Colorado last weekend.

But after the ceremony, they didn't show up at the reception because Johnny got bitten by a RATTLESNAKE while they were taking their wedding photos.

Images from the photo session show Benson laying on the ground while a park ranger inspects his wounds. The bride LAURA LORETZ is seen holding a bouquet and kneeling beside her injured groom.

Fortunately it was a "dry bite", which means the snake didn't inject its venom.  But he still had to go to the hospital to get it treated.

Once they patched him up, he and Laura finally headed to their reception. 


Drug Bust of The Day!!!

I guess some cocaine salesmen have had to modify how they sell their product.

THOMAS GLENN, 56, of Casper, Wyoming, decided that he needed to branch out his business into residential clients.  So he decided to go to door-to-door to ask people if they wanted to buy cocaine from him.

One of Glenn’s potential customers, that would be a resident in the neighborhood Glenn was canvassing, called police as Glenn went to different homes.

They arrested him they also found meth on him as well.

Stupid Criminals!!!!

No word if he made any sales before the arrest!!!  .


Irish Soccer Fans Fixed a Dented Car

A bunch of Irish soccer fans were in France the other day for Europe's big soccer tournament, and dented the roof of a parked car. 

So they shoved money through a crack in one of the doors to PAY for it. 

Then they started tapping on the hood to get the dent out, and it WORKED. 

Check out the video by clicking here.

And there's another video where Irish fans interrupt a Hungarian news report, and lift the reporter up on their shoulders. 

Check out the video by clicking here.