Freak Files: Stupid Criminal Gets Beaten With His Own Bat!

Plus: A true road warrior & the worst violin player in the world

June 28, 2016

A Couple Took a Burglar's Baseball Bat and Beat Him With It

We're all so used to people running around with guns that when someone's armed with ANYTHING else, we have, like, no fear.

A 33-year-old guy named Noah Dassat broke into a house in North Port, Florida last week.  But the couple that lives there CAUGHT him.  When they realized his only weapon was a baseball bat, it was ON.

The guy started wrestling with Noah and got the bat away.  Then he held him down while his wife grabbed the bat and started BEATING Noah with it.

He eventually managed to run away, but he got caught when he went to the hospital.  He was arrested and hit with felony charges for armed burglary and battery. Stupid Criminals!!

Click here to see his mugshot – featuring a heck of a black eye!


Here’s A True Road Warrior!

Don't let your car flipping over three times stop you, literally.

MARK WANDELL of Carbondale, England flipped his car in an accident three times, but just kept on driving it, even without a tire!!! 

Now Mark wasn’t on the run from police, in fact the accident wasn’t even his fault.  He told the cops that he simply couldn’t afford a tow truck and just drove it as far as it would go on three wheels.


Time To Give It Up!

It may be time to take up a new musical instrument when your neighbors petition to have it taken away from you.

JAHNMA SIMMONS received a letter to stop playing her violin because it sounded like "a cat being strangled."

She was told that if she didn't pay the fines for violating the order, the instruments would be taken away from her and destroyed.