Freak Files: Thursday, 6/16/16

Freak Files 6/16/16

June 16, 2016

Stupid Criminals: Getting Drugs Into Prison

They say history repeats itself.  Well so do Stupid Criminals, because we’ve heard something similar to this before. 

22-year-old MYLES ALEXANDER allegedly coordinated with a friend on the outside to have a drug-filled football tossed over the fence at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson, Michigan.

Officials say CHRISTEN MOORE was aiming for the exercise yard, but missed.  The football was found wedged between two security fences.  Prosecutors say it contained cannabis, heroin, and cell phones with chargers.

Alexander received an additional three-to-five years tacked onto his sentence for his role in the attempt, and his accomplice is also going to prison for up to 60-months.  Stupid Criminals!


Traditions Gone Bad!

A wedding in Cyprus reportedly turned violent over the weekend.

It all started when the best man slapped the groom on the back, which is apparently a Cypriot wedding tradition.  However, witnesses say the priest didn't like it one bit, so he allegedly cold-cocked the best man right in the face!!! 

The best man --who's the groom's brother-- ended up going to the emergency room with a broken nose.  Police are investigating and it's unclear if anyone was arrested. 


9-Year-Old Finishes Record-Breaking Alcatraz Swim

9-year-old James Savage may have a new Guinness World Record under his belt.

The California boy swam from the shore of San Francisco to Alcatraz Island and back on Tuesday, becoming the youngest swimmer to complete the 2-mile trip.

Savage says he wanted to give-up just 30 minutes into the 2-hour swim because the waves kept hitting him in the face. But his coach kayaked alongside him and kept yelling, 'I believe you can do it’ so he didn’t quit.

Meanwhile, James Savage’s next swim will be easier, but only slightly. He plans to swim the 1.7-mile length of the Golden Gate Bridge.