Freak Files: Two News Anchors Get Into A Fight Because They Were Both Wearing White

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January 13, 2017

Two News Anchors Wore Similar Shirts and Got in a Fight

Two female news anchors in Australia got into an argument the other day after they both wore white shirts for the segment they were doing together.  (click here to see the video)

And the third woman who was in it ALSO had a white shirt on, so it looked a little weird.

They weren't on the air yet, but the cameras were on.  So someone must have leaked the footage.  The one who really got annoyed was an anchor named Amber Sherlock. 

She admitted later on that she probably overreacted. 


A Dog Saved a Guy from Freezing by Lying on Top of Him

A guy in northern Michigan walked out of his house to grab firewood recently, slipped and fell on ice, and broke his NECK. 

His full name hasn't been released.  But his first name is Bob, and he looks like he's about 70.  He was alone and couldn't move his legs, so all he could do was yell for help.  But his closest neighbor lives about a quarter mile away.  And he was only in his pajamas, so he thought he was going to freeze to death.

Luckily his golden retriever named Kelsey was with him when he fell.  She laid down on top of him to keep him warm, and it ended up saving his life.

He was there for about 20 HOURS, and it got down to about 20 degrees overnight.  But one of his neighbors finally came to check on him after the dog wouldn't stop barking.

They took him to the hospital, and here’s the best part, it turns out he's not actually paralyzed from his fall!  He's already had surgery to repair his broken neck, and he’s on the road to recovery.  Click here to see a picture of him with Kelsey.


A Woman Tries to Smuggle Her Boyfriend Out of Prison in a Suitcase

There's a 25-year-old guy named Jose Anzoategui who's currently doing nine years in prison in Venezuela for car theft.

His 25-year-old girlfriend Antonieta went to visit him last week, and she brought a pink suitcase with her.  As she was leaving the prison, the guards noticed she was REALLY struggling to drag this suit case behind her.

That made them suspicious, so they had her open it up, and they found Jose CURLED UP inside.  She was arrested!   Stupid Criminals!!!! Click here to see a picture of Jose and Antonieta next to the suitcase . . . and a GREAT one of Jose inside it.