Freak Files: When Animals Attack

Friday 6/17/16

June 17, 2016

When Animals Attack!

Police in India have arrested 18 lions.

Officials in Gujarat say one of the feline suspects is a murderer, suspected of killing three people. They plan to take paw prints of all the cats in an attempt to identify the culprit. The guilty lion will be incarcerated for life in a zoo.

The other cats will be released.


Cops Catch a Guy During a Chase When He Gets Out of His Car . . . and Runs Into a Tree

This is a VERY strange crash to end a high-speed chase.

The cops were chasing a 35-year-old guy named Steven Lewis from Clearwater, Florida on Monday, and he was doing some crazy driving to try to avoid them.

Eventually he hit a concrete guardrail and had to bail out of his car and he took off running.  THAT'S when he got into a major crash, because he ran straight into a tree and knocked himself out.

The cops found him lying there and took him to the hospital.  Stupid Criminals!!!

He's facing several charges. 


A Waitress Is Upset She Won the "Best Butt" Award at Work

There's a woman who works as a waitress at a restaurant and bar called Scotty's Brewhouse in Southport, Indiana.

On Monday night, the managers held an awards ceremony for the 50 employees.  People won things like "Best Bartender" and "Best Server", but this woman won "BEST BUTT."  Then they called her on stage to give her the award, and told her to turn around so people could take pictures of her award-winning butt.

Well she was NOT happy.  Quote, "I feel like I'm more than just a butt.  I feel like I'm smart, I'm going to school."  The owners of Scotty's say the awards weren't their idea and they were just something the managers did on their own.

The woman says no one's apologized to her yet, and she's thinking of filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.