The Freaky New Foods at the Texas State Fair

It's another bumper crop of hot fried death

August 30, 2016

The State Fair of Texas is known for being THE home of the greatest unhealthy food innovations in the country…and probably the world.  And 2016 produced another bumper crop of hot fried death.

Here are five of the best creations that debuted in Texas this year, including the two that just won awards for the best foods at the fair . . .

  1. Fried Jell-O.  It's red Jell-O inside a ball of fried dough, almost like a jelly donut.  It won the award for "Best Taste."
  2. Cookie Fries.  They're deep fried cookies cut like crinkled French fries, and served with chocolate and strawberry sauces.  They won the award for "Most Creative."
  3. Deep-Fried Pulled Pork Funyun Dings. They took Funyuns, stuffed them with pulled pork, cheese, pineapple, and bacon, then battered and deep fried them.
  4. Deep-Fried Bacon Burger Dog Slider on a Stick.  They put a small beef patty on a skewer, along with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a HOT DOG on a roll, then dipped it in batter and fried it.
  5. Injectable Great Balls of BBQ.  These are beef brisket balls that are deep fried, and come with a miniature injection device that lets people shoot barbecue sauce into them. 

You can see photos of all 5 foods by clicking here.