Free Advice: Don't Check Your Fuel Level With A Lighter

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May 4, 2017

Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

Checking your level of fuel with a lighter, well, you know where this is going.

A driver in Kazakhstan apparently couldn't see how much fuel was in the container on the roof of his car as he pumped it full of diesel, so he put a lighter up to it to check.

Well guess what?  The fuel quickly caught fire, causing an explosion and flames to shoot out the nozzle.  He panicked and dropped it, setting other cars on fire.

The stupidity was all caught on a security camera and we have it for you on our website. . . . . .


Drunken Suspect Gives Her Name As Hillary Clinton

Drunk people don't always make the best decisions, or give their real names.

Authorities say a drunk- driving suspect who was chased by police from Maryland into Pennsylvania was finally caught – and when authorities asked her name, she said she was Hillary Clinton.

Not such a smart move because almost everyone knows what Hillary looks like – and this lady didn’t even come close.  Stupid Criminals!!!

Authorities say the woman really is 36-year-old Holly Donahoo, and she's from Louisville, Kentucky. Holly has been jailed on charges including driving under the influence and fleeing or eluding police.


Confusion Over the Metric System Costs a Driver From North Dakota $700

I know that everyone in the world except for us and like two other small countries uses the metric system. 

That doesn't mean it's right.  And it just claimed another innocent American victim.

A guy from North Dakota had crossed the border into Canada on Sunday afternoon.  And as he was driving through Dufferin, Manitoba, he saw the speed limit sign said 100 so he went 100 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, he didn't realize the speed limit was actually 100 kilometers per hour, which is more like 62 miles per hour.  So he was going WAY over the speed limit.  (100 miles per hour is 161 kilometers per hour.)

A Mountie caught him on a radar gun and issued him a ticket for $940 Canadian, which is about $690 U.S.