Gas Station Robber Arrested After Getaway Car Runs Out Of Gas

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September 18, 2017

Gas Station Robber Arrested After Getaway Car Runs Out Of Gas

33-year-old Sean Harris decided to rob a gas station last week – but he didn’t fully think-out his getaway plan.

Sean walked into the Lacrosse gas station and robbed the place of food, drinks, and cigarettes. But what he really could have used was gas.

The owner of the gas station called the cops and a state trooper quickly found Sean – stranded on the side of the road after his getaway vehicle ran out of gas!  Stupid Criminals!!!

Sean was arrested on felony robbery charges and now faces up to 6 years in prison.


Ok, I’m Never Moving To Australia!

If you find yourself in Australia, you'd better check your underwear.

An Australian man was shocked to discover an eastern brown snake hiding in his underwear drawer. Snake catcher BRYAN ROBINSON was called to the man's home to catch the snake.  Robinson says the brown snake is one of the deadliest species in existence.

He managed to catch the reptile without incident.  The snake catcher says this is a busy time of year for stray snakes.

He's been getting about thirty calls a day from people finding snakes in strange places like washing machines, fridges, and cars.


Stupid Criminals!!!

Mississippi police say a woman accused of bank robbery had a less-than-perfect escape plan.

35-year-old DOMINIQUE SPEARS allegedly held up a Wells Fargo Bank in Ocean Springs on Tuesday, then fled in her getaway car: a Yellow Cab.

Cops managed to track Spears down after the cab driver simply told them where she was.

Stupid Criminals!!!

She was taken into custody at the apartment complex that the cabby dropped her off at, just three-miles from the bank.