The Great Port-A-Potty Rescue

September 28, 2016

The Great Port-A-Potty Rescue

NFL fans from opposing teams set aside their differences to help a fan in need last week.

It happened as the Los Angeles Rams battled the Seattle Seahawks in LA on September 18th.  According to a witness, a Seahawks fan tipped a guy over while he was in a porta potty.  The victim was reportedly wearing a Rams jersey.

But, another Seahawks fan rushed to help the victim and was soon joined by fans from both sides.  They managed to pop the door of the toilet open and rescue the man.

After being rescued, the unidentified victim admitted he was "ready for the NBA season."  It's unclear if any charges are being pressed against the guy who tipped over the toilet.


A Guy Asks the Cops to Help Find His Briefcase Full of Cocaine

A guy in Seattle was walking his dog outside the stadium during the Seahawks game on Sunday, when a 19-year-old stopped to pet his dog. 

But when the 19-year-old went to leave, he accidentally left a briefcase behind.  So the guy with the dog pointed it out to some cops. 

They opened it to see if it had any info that would help them track the guy down and found 154 grams of COCAINE inside, plus some marijuana and pills.  Now they were REALLY interested in tracking down the guy, but they didn't need to try too hard.

That’s because a few minutes later, the kid walked up to THEM and asked if they'd seen a briefcase around, uh, he says he'd left some important papers inside.

He was immediately arrested for possession of narcotics with intent to distribute.   Stupid Criminals!!!


A Guy Is Busted Using a Trump Cutout in the Carpool Lane

Whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump might make a good travel buddy!! 

A guy was pulled over on the freeway in Auburn, Washington yesterday morning for driving in the carpool lane without a passenger.  He was trying to beat the system by taping a YUGE cardboard cutout of Trump's HEAD to the passenger seat.

But the trooper realized it was a fake and stopped him.  He's facing the maximum fine for driving solo in the carpool lane, which is $136.  This picture is hilarious!  Click here to see it.