Groom Divorces Wife 2 Hours After Wedding Because Of Snapchat

October 25, 2016

Groom Divorces Wife 2 Hours After Wedding Because Of Snapchat

Some people really stick to their principles.

An unnamed groom in Saudi Arabia had his wife sign a Pre-Nup promising she would not use social media like Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter to post pictures during their wedding reception.

But after being married for just 2 hours, the groom caught the bride ---  posting wedding pics on SnapChat!  So, he immediately divorced her!

The Pre-Nup was a binding contract, so he was within his legal rights to divorce her.


A New Bike Lock Makes Thieves Vomit When They Cut Into It

Bike locks don't really work.  A serious thief can even cut through the thick U-shaped ones in less than a minute. 

So it's come down to CHEMICAL WARFARE.  There's a new crowdfunding project on Indiegogo right now called the SkunkLock, and it's either genius or diabolical.

It's a bike lock that's filled with a special noxious chemical gas, so when a thief cuts through the lock, it releases the gas and makes them start VOMITING uncontrollably.  The inventors say the gas only spreads about two feet, so other people in the area won't get sick, but the thief is totally exposed. 

If you want to preorder one, it'll cost you $109.  They're planning on shipping them in June . . . assuming their lawyers determine that the locks are actually LEGAL.  Click here to see their Indiegogo page.


Here’s A Real Hairy Story

A Russian tennis player named Svetlana Kuznetsova was in the middle of a match in Singapore yesterday. 

She was playing hard but fell behind in the match because her ponytail kept hitting her in the eye when she swung.

So in between points, she got someone to bring her a pair of scissors, and she cut a big chunk of her own hair off.  It looks like it was about three inches.  Well after that, she started playing better, and came back to win.   Click here to see the video.