A Guy Breaks Into His Neighbor's House to Steal Toilet Paper (Freak Files)

April 20, 2017

A Guy Breaks Into His Neighbor's House to Steal Toilet Paper

46-year-old Phillip Burnside lives in Ivydale, West Virginia, and he recently broke into his neighbor's home while they were away on business . . . to steal TOILET PAPER.

The guy who lives there got an alert from his security system that someone was in his living room.  So he called his sister and asked her to go check it out.

She saw Phillip when she got there, but he pretended to help her look for whoever broke in, so she thought he was just a concerned neighbor. 

A security camera showed HE was the one who broke in though, and he eventually admitted to stealing three rolls of toilet paper.

The cops arrested him for burglary, and he could face additional charges.  Click here to see his mugshot.


Jet Loses a Tire

Attention passengers, this is your pilot. Does anyone have a spare tire?

An Air Canada Airbus A330 carrying almost 300 passengers lost a wheel as it took off from Montreal bound for London. The airbus has 10 landing wheels total and kudos to the flight crew for landing the plane safely.

Passengers say the landing was definitely shaky, but they had no idea why because the crew never informed anyone on board there was a problem.


Real Life “Fast & Furious”

A "Fast and the Furious" type gang, who blew up ATMs around England and Scotland and then escaped in juiced up cars, were finally caught when they stopped for a bite to eat at McDonalds.

The gang was led by ANDREW WHITE, who's 28, and stole almost $150 thousand dollars in a series of bombings.  A police officer who had stopped for a coffee at the fast food restaurant called it in when he saw the getaway car.

It was an easy arrest when the cops showed up because there was, quote, “Wads of cash at their feet in the car.”  Yeah, that kind of gave them away.