A Guy Breaks Into a House to Rescue a Dog From a Fire -- But He Was on Acid and There Was No Fire

October 17, 2016

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A Guy Breaks Into a House to Rescue a Dog From a Fire -- But He Was on Acid and There Was No Fire

A 43-year-old guy named Michael Orchard from Halfmoon, New York finally got the unexpected call to heroism on Thursday night.

His neighbor's HOUSE was on fire.  So he drove his car through their fence, kicked in their door, ran inside, grabbed their dog, and managed to get outside safely.

There was just one problem.  There was no fire.  Michael was on a mix of LSD and cough syrup, and he was hallucinating.  So basically, he just destroyed his neighbor's fence, his door, and kidnapped their dog for no particular reason.

He's been charged with burglary and criminal mischief.  Click here to see his mugshot.


Rounding Up The Usual Suspects

A student driver helped catch a robbery suspect in the UK.

A pair of London police officers chasing a suspect on foot called for backup.  A second group of officers a mile away heard the call, but didn't have a police car. So, they started running toward the scene while trying to flag down passing vehicles.

A student driver and her teacher pulled over and picked up the officers. The student safely delivered the cops to the scene without panicking and the suspect was apprehended.


Clumsy Customers

The customer is always right --until he does this.

A customer at a British electronics store was so clumsy, he knocked over thousands of dollars’ worth of television sets.  It happened at HBH Woolacotts in the town of St. Austell. 

Security video shows the guy bumping into a flat screen TV, causing it to fall to the floor.  The TV is seen hitting another television on its way down.

Then, the customer jumps backwards to get out of the wat and takes out another two TVs. The incident resulted in $6000 worth of damage.