Guy Buys 1,000 Newspapers So His Neighbors Won't Find Out He Was Arrested

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January 5, 2017

Guy Buys 1,000 Copies of A Newspaper to Keep People From Finding Out He Was Arrested

This guy was SO focused on making sure none of his friends or neighbors found out he'd been arrested that he inadvertently turned it into international news.

43-year-old Joseph Talbot from Wayne County in upstate New York was pulled over for drunk driving last Thursday night.  He failed all the sobriety tests and he was charged with DWI.

Well . . . he knew his mugshot and the police report would be in the local newspaper, the "Times of Wayne County".  And he did NOT want people seeing it.

So when the paper came out over the weekend, he went from store to store buying up ALL the copies.  He spent around $1,250 to buy 1,000 copies of the paper.

Unfortunately, word got out that he did that . . . so his story and mugshot are now going viral and he's got random people like Mandy and me talking about him.  So . . . oops. 

Click here to see his mugshot.


The Monster Dog!!!

A Great Dane in England has been named World's Tallest Dog.

Guinness Record officials say FREDDY measures 7-feet-6-inches standing on his hind legs. Owner CLAIRE STONEMAN has had Freddy since he was a pup.  She says he was the runt of the litter at first but eventually outgrew the rest of the litter.

What would a dog of this size eat every day?  Well, it costs Stoneman $123-dollars a week to just to feed Freddy.  He prefers to down whole roasted chickens and, as a side dish, he likes peanut butter on toast.

Even with the expense, the pet owner says she is "utterly devoted" to Freddy and has no intention of ever selling him.


Woman Drives Her SUV Into River, Then Drinks A Beer

Police in Pennsylvania were left scratching their heads over a woman drinking a beer and driving her SUV into the river. 

The incident unfolded Monday when the woman blew through a stop sign.  Police chased her for about a mile before calling it off in the interest of public safety.  But a few hours later, the woman’s 2011 Subaru was spotted in a parking lot of a boat dock. 

As police approached, the woman freaked out, gunned the engine and drove straight into a river.  Her SUV was floating 20 feet offshore; and the cops tried to help her out of the water – but she ignored them.  Instead, she stayed in the sinking car and continued to drink her beer.

Firefighters eventually rescued the woman and took her to a hospital.  No charges have been filed. . . . . yet!