Guy Gets Robbed In His Man Cave

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September 26, 2017

Guy Gets Robbed In His Man Cave

Just because your MAN CAVE is your sanctuary from your wife doesn't mean everyone else in the world got that memo.

A guy in Peoria, Illinois was watching college football in the man cave he built in his garage around 9:30 P.M. on Saturday when he heard a noise behind him. He turned around, and there was a robber standing there with a GUN pointed at him.

The robber demanded cash, but the guy didn't have any, so he took the guy's cell phone and left. The cops are trying to track him down.


An 18-Year-Old Impersonates a Cop

Time passes, the sun rises, the sun sets, seasons change, days turn into weeks into months into years, and teenage boys continue to do the DUMBEST STUFF EVER to try to impress girls.

18-year-old Isael Lima of Belleview, Florid, broke into his uncle's house and stole his police uniform AND his police car. Then he took it out for a ride, picked up his buddies, pulled a car over, and even responded to a call to break up a fight outside of a convenience store.

He did all this to impress his girlfriend. He was busted when his uncle got home, and he noticed his house had been broken into.

Isael was arrested on EIGHT different charges, including grand theft, armed burglary, and impersonating a law enforcement officer. 

Stupid Criminals!!!  His girlfriend must think he's SO cool.


Getting What You Deserve

When you're trying to look cool and end up falling off a balcony in front of your friends. Yeah, that happened.

   A man on Bourbon Street in New Orleans was leaning over a balcony, trying to spit on passersby, when he fell. Several officers and an ambulance arrived quickly and pushed the crowd back while the man was loaded into the ambulance. There's no word on his condition.