A Guy Got Caught Cheating Because of Pokemon Go

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July 13, 2016

A Guy Got Caught Cheating Because of "Pokémon Go"

We've officially hit the point where "Pokémon Go" is ruining people's lives.

A guy named Evan Scribner from Queens, New York says his girlfriend just busted him for CHEATING, all thanks to "Pokémon Go".

Evan has been having an affair with his ex-girlfriend in Brooklyn.  He was at her place a few days ago, and while he was romancing her, he was also walking around hunting for imaginary video game monsters. 

But the game keeps a record of where you're walking around and catching Pokémon.  So when he got home, his current girlfriend was looking at his "Pokémon Go" history and she recognized the area.

And Evan says, quote, "She hasn't contacted me since then." 

Click here to see his picture.


Better Nail It Down or Someone Will Steal It

People will steal anything that's not nailed down, and even some things that are!

CORY ARCHULETA from Albuquerque, New Mexico, got his mail one day and realized that his roof was missing off of his house.  Someone had stolen all the shingles off his roof.

The police have no answer, the insurance adjuster laughed and Cory, well, he's putting a new roof on the house so he can sell it.


A Woman Who Was Praying With Her Eyes Closed While She Drove Crashed Into a House

You know that when you ask Jesus to take the wheel, it's just a metaphor, right?

A 28-year-old woman named Ruqiyyah Sadiq from Fort Walton Beach, Florida was driving on Thursday morning, and she decided to close her eyes and pray.  While she was driving! 

Well, since her eyes were closed, she didn’t see the stop sign ahead of her, so naturally she went barreling right through it, hopped a curb, and SLAMMED into a house. 

Fortunately, she was okay and there wasn't anyone inside the house.  But she was cited for reckless driving with property damage. 

Click here to see a few pictures of the crash.