Guy With The Last Name 'Cheese’ Robs A Pizza Delivery Driver!

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February 1, 2017

Teen With Last Name 'Cheese’ Is Accused In A Pizza Delivery Theft

A 17-year-old named SHELDON was arrested last week and charged with robbery and conspiracy – after he robbed a PIZZA deliveryman in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Police said Sheldon knocked on the delivery driver's window while an accomplice stood behind the car and pointed a gun at the man.

The pizza deliveryman gave Sheldon all the money he had – which was only $25 – AND the two pizzas he was supposed to deliver.  Sheldon ran off with the cash & pizzas only to be caught by police a short time later.

Wanna know why we’re giving this story so much attention?  What would make this a Freak File?  Because Sheldon’s last name is CHEESE!  Yes, a guy named Sheldon CHEESE is the pizza bandit of Hanover Pennsylvania! 

CHEESE is currently being held in a county prison on $75,000 bail.


Ain’t Nothin’ An ‘Ol Cowpoke Can’t Handle

An escaped bull ran amok in South Dakota Sunday.

It all started when the animal broke loose from the Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City. The bull ran down a bicycle path then roamed around a local golf course, terrifying players.

The cops were called in to remedy the situation, but couldn’t round up the bull.  So they decided to call in the experts!!!  A bull on the loose is a call from some professionals to deal with the problem.

Who did they call?  Cowboys from a nearby rodeo showed up with ropes and lassoed the animal. The bull was recaptured and nobody was hurt. 


Burglar Stuck Inside Of A Chimney Is Abandoned By Accomplices

When will Stupid Criminals learn that you can’t break into a house by shimmying down the chimney?

28-year old Keith Schultz and several accomplices tried to break into a home in Ridgecrest, California on Sunday…and Keith had a brilliant idea on how they could get into the house:  the chimney!

Well, predictably, Keith got stuck in the chimney and his accomplices bailed on him!  But they did call 911 to report that Keith was stuck in the chimney.

Keith was covered in soot when his was rescued by firefighters and booked into jail on a charge of burglary.  Stupid Criminals