Guy Loses Slot Machine Jackpot Because He Let A Woman Push The Button (Freak Files)

April 10, 2017

A Guy Gets Nothing From A Slot Machine Jackpot, Because He Let a Woman Push the Button

66-year-old Jan Flato was gambling on a high-stakes slot machine at a casino in Fort Lauderdale recently. 

Each spin was $50, and he hit the jackpot for a HUNDRED GRAND.  But then things went south for him REALLY fast.

He was with a 35-year-old woman named Marina Navarro.  It's not clear why she was hanging with a man in his mid-60s, but she claims they were "friends."  Anyway, on his winning spin, he asked HER to push the button for good luck, and that was the mistake. 

Apparently casinos have a rule where the person who pulls the lever or pushes the button on a slot machine is technically the one who's gambling.  So SHE ended up winning the money, and he got nothing.

Jan flipped out when they told him, but security footage clearly showed Marina hitting the button.  So they gave her all the money and she left without him.

She claims she offered to give him some of the money, but he started sending angry text messages, so she's not giving him anything, and their "friendship" is over. 

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Guy Who Spray Painted His Marriage Proposal Gets His Punishment

You might remember when we had the story of 23-year-old KYLE STUMP, who was busted after allegedly spray-painting a marriage proposal on the walls of a local shopping plaza.  

A local magistrate advised Stump that a more traditional down-on-one-knee proposal would have been better.  So as part of his punishment and since he obviously likes to paint, the judge has ordered him to repaint several local fire hydrants.

Stump says it was worth it since his bride-to-be said "yes" to the proposal.  Stump also believes the police overreacted.


Man Followed His G-P-S Into A River

Technology is far from perfect, and just because you're following a GPS doesn't mean you should leave behind your common sense.

Police in China's Anhui province had to spend a good portion of their day pulling a white Hyundai out of a river, after a man followed his GPS’ directions and drove down a dirt road and right into the river.

The man said that he thought he could trust his GPS and that he really didn’t see the river until it was too late.