A Guy Named Fellony Gets Arrested on Felony Charges

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July 21, 2017

A Guy Named Fellony Gets Arrested on Felony Charges

This guy's parents really should've known this day was inevitable.

The cops in Vancouver, Washington got into a high-speed chase with a guy on Tuesday night who was assaulting a woman in a car he'd stolen.

The chase lasted for 20 miles, and the guy wound up crossing state lines driving into Gresham, Oregon, where the cops finally caught him.

The guy was arrested on four felony charges, including kidnapping, assault, possession of a stolen vehicle, and attempting to elude.

And his name?  Fellony.  Edward Hudson Fellony!  Destiny fulfilled. Click here to see his mugshot.


We Call This One, “Man-Overboard!”

When Petty Officer 3rd Class PETER MIMS went missing aboard the USS Shiloh in the Philippines, a man-overboard search was launched, thinking he was lost at sea.

Even the Japanese Coast Guard helped in the search, spending over 50 hours and covering about 55 hundred miles of ocean.  A week later, Mims was found in one of the engine rooms, alive and well, admitting he took steps to NOT be found.

After an investigation, he's now being charged with abandoning his watch and dereliction of duty. 

(BTW, dereliction of duty is military speak for “the shameful failure to fulfill one's obligations.”)

65-Year-Old Woman Stole A Cab And Pretended To Be A Taxi Driver

A 65-year old unidentified Philadelphia woman hailed a cab around 1am yesterday morning and told the cabby to take her to the Sugarhouse Casino.

But, on the way, the woman became ill and asked the driver to pull over so she could get something to drink.  After he stepped out of the car to help the old woman, she jumped into the driver's seat and drove off.

Police say that after stealing the cab, she actually drove several blocks and picked up a fare!  When officers finally caught up with the cab, there was a 23-year-old woman and a baby in the back seat. They thought the woman was a legitimate driver.

The 65-year old thief has been charged with auto theft and receiving stolen property.