A Guy Runs Back Into a Burning Building to Save His Beer (Freak Files)

April 25, 2017

A Guy Runs Back Into a Burning Building to Save His Beer

There are MAYBE three acceptable things you can run back into a burning building for, a person, a pet, or something irreplaceable, like photos. 

An apartment complex in Sioux Falls, South Dakota caught fire on Sunday.  Two people were treated at the scene, and one went to the hospital.  Luckily everyone survived.  But a 56-year-old guy named Michael Casteel kept trying to run back into the building . . . to save his BEER.

He told firefighters why he needed to go back in, and obviously they said no.  So he eventually pushed past them, made it back inside, and came out with two cans of Bud Ice Premium.  So it wasn't even GOOD beer.

Unfortunately he didn't get to enjoy it.  They immediately arrested him for obstructing a firefighter.

Michael and his beer have a history.  He was arrested last month for a DUI and threatening a cop, and he got another DUI about a year ago.  He's due in court next month. 

(Click here to see a photo of the apartment building.)


A Burglar Trashes a Store Trying to Leave Through the Ceiling . . . Then Finds the Exit Door

Last week, a guy broke into a clothing store in New Orleans by busting through the ceiling and sliding down on a long rope.

But the surveillance footage shows that as soon as he got into the store, he seemed to abandon his plans to steal anything . . . and became exclusively focused on how he was going to get out.

And for almost three full minutes, his only plan was to try to climb BACK out of the ceiling.  So he climbed shelves, propped up furniture, and just TRASHED the place trying to get back into the ceiling.

Then, finally, he realized there was a door, which he ran out of, apparently empty-handed.  The cops are trying to track him down.   Check-out the surveillance video below.



12-Year-Old Boy Tries To Drive Across Australia By Himself

A 12-year-old boy attempting to drive across Australia by himself made it more than 800 miles before being caught.

Authorities from the Broken Hill Highway Patrol stopped the boy Saturday when officers noticed his vehicle’s bumper dragging across the ground.

The 12-year-old driver just happened to be traveling during a police campaign called “Operation Go Slow,” which featured a heightened police presence on the roads.  The boy was arrested and taken to the Broken Hill Police Station.

The road trip would be an ambitious one for even the most experienced traveler. It is unclear how he traveled so far and refueled the car, all without being noticed sooner.