A Guy Spray Paints His Marriage Proposal on a Wall And Gets Arrested (Freak Files)

April 3, 2017

A Guy Spray Paints His Marriage Proposal on a Wall And Gets Arrested

In this day and age, no one proposes by getting down on one knee and giving a little speech anymore. 

Nope, now everything's got to be grandiose and public and Instagrammable.

23-year-old Kyle Stump from Sheffield Lake, Ohio proposed to his girlfriend Michelle back on March 17th by SPRAY PAINTING it on the wall of a shopping center.  It said, quote, "Michelle, marry me.  I love you.  3-17-17.  Familia."

The cops figured out who was behind the graffiti a few days later . . . and Kyle was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.  He'll be in court tomorrow.

On the bright side for him, Michelle said yes. 


“Uber” Bad Timing!

Talk about good timing. Or bad timing, depending on how you look at it.

A female Uber driver left her boyfriend's house and went to the airport to get some fares.  Her man said that he was going to NYC to visit his sick mother.  She picked up a woman that had just flown in to spend the weekend with her boyfriend.

As she drove, the two chatted and the driver realized that her passenger's man lived in the same apartment complex.  It wasn't until she got into the complex that the woman gave her the unit number and yes, you guessed it, it was HER BOYFRIEND's.

He happily came out to help his "girlfriend" with her luggage and that's when he realized he'd been caught.  The Uber driver let her former boyfriend have it, verbally, and then drove off, leaving him there with his side action.


Two Guys Go to the Courthouse to Pick Up an Ankle Monitor . . . in a Stolen Car

We should have a contest on who would be the stupidest of Stupid Criminals.  I nominate these knuckleheads. 

A 20-year-old guy named Alfonso Rodriguez just got out of jail after doing time for kidnapping and assault charges.  He needed to pick up his ankle monitor from the courthouse on Thursday, and he got his 19-year-old friend John Benavidez to drive him.

There was just one problem.  They didn't have any way to get there . . . so they STOLE a car.  Yes, they took a stolen car to go pick up an ankle monitor.

The cops got a LoJack alert from that car, and when they tracked it, they realized it was parked outside the courthouse.  Stupid Criminals!!!

Both guys were arrested on car theft charges.