Guy Steals 300,000 Pennies From His Boss

September 13, 2016

A Guy Is Busted For Stealing 300,000 Pennies From His Boss

They don’t get much stupider than this:  34-year-old Robert Napolitan works as a mechanic at a trucking and shipping company called Pyne Freight Lines in Taylor, Pennsylvania.

Apparently, his boss had a massive collection of PENNIES in a steel drum in his office.  There were about 300,000 pennies in the drum, which is only $3,000.

Well, on Labor Day, Robert went into the building while it was empty and STOLE that drum.  It weighed 1,600 pounds, but he managed to get it out of his boss's office on a hand truck, and into his Jeep.  Then he took it home.

Unfortunately for him, he left a TRAIL OF PENNIES behind.  And the cops followed them right to his parking spot.  And when they searched his car, they found pennies under his seats and floor mats.   Stupid Criminals!!!  Robert has been charged with theft, criminal trespassing, and receiving stolen property. 

Click here to see his mugshot.


A Guy Dumps Beer on an Accordion Player at Oktoberfest in Ohio, Then Pretends He Only Speaks German

Is it possible that Oktoberfest in Cleveland is ROWDIER than Oktoberfest in Munich? 

A 33-year-old guy from Akron, Ohio was at Cleveland's Oktoberfest last week drinking beer when for some reason he dumped a beer on an accordion player.

The cops got involved and the guy told them he's BEEN to Oktoberfest in Germany, and everyone throws beer on each other there.

He was speaking in both English and German until they told him he might go to jail.  That’s when he stopped speaking English and pretended he only knew German.  Ah yes, the old "confused foreigner" defense.  It rarely works, but worth a shot.

He was arrested for disorderly conduct. 


Woman Arrested For Stealing Three French Fries

Stealing is stealing, I guess??  

Last week a woman in Washington, D.C. walked into the restaurant called  “Italian Kitchen on U,” and helped herself to two French fries from a police officer's plate.

The officer says he politely asked her not to do that again, and warned her she could be arrested if she did.  Well, the woman swiped one more fry and smirked at the cop. 

She was arrested on charges of second-degree theft.