A Guy Is Struck by Lightning While He's Sitting at His Desk at Work

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June 8, 2017

A Guy Is Struck by Lightning While He's Sitting at His Desk at Work

Let’s face it, we’re working ourselves to death, but it's NOT COOL if they start figuring out ways to kill us faster.

A guy named Nick Gemayel works at an auto repair shop in Rochester, New York.  And he was sitting at his desk on Monday doing some work, when he was STRUCK by LIGHTNING.  Yeah, he got hit even though he was indoors.

Apparently a bolt of lightning hit the sidewalk in front of the building, the current carried into the shop, traveled up through a light switch, then shot out and hit Nick in the hand.  Fortunately, since it just got him in the hand, he only wound up with some minor burns and not, you know, DEATH. 

He was treated at a hospital and released. 


A Shoplifter Is Caught Shoving 15 Quarts of Motor Oil and a "Lassie" DVD Down His Pants

This guy might be a criminal, but he's also got to be under consideration for World's Baggiest Pants.  So that's cool, I guess.

A 38-year-old guy named William Hall went into a 7-Eleven in Bartow, Florida last week wearing VERY baggy pants. He proceeded to shove 15 QUARTS of motor oil down them.  Once those were all in there, he also shoved 30 DVDs down his pants too.

We don't know all of the movies he picked, but from the photo the sheriff's office provided of his haul, we DO know one of them is for an animated version of "Lassie".

I guess Stupid Criminals never seem to know that someone may be watching them, because a cop happened to be in his unmarked car in the parking lot at the time, and he saw the ENTIRE thing.  So as William waddled out of the store, he was arrested for felony theft.  Stupid Criminals!!!

Click here to see the picture of everything he stole.


An Airport in Singapore is Adding Two Giant Mazes?

It's like the LAST thing I'd want to do if I was catching a flight. 

Changi Airport in Singapore is building two MAZES for people to walk around in during their layover.

One will be the largest HEDGE maze in Singapore.  The other is a maze of MIRRORS. 

They posted a computer-generated video with mock-ups of the whole addition they're building, and there's a shot of the hedge maze in there. 

Changi is consistently voted as the best airport in the world.  So you have to give them the benefit of the doubt about thinking this through, and have a way to make sure people don't get STUCK in the mazes and miss their flight. 

The new space is set to open in early 2019.  Click here to see a photo of the hedge maze