A Guy Survives a Shark Attack Thanks To Trivia Night

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August 30, 2017

Surfer Punches Great White Shark To Escape Attack

A surfer named Marcel Brundler was about 50 feet offshore at Cathedral Rock in Australia when he had to put up the fight of his life.

A 10-foot great white shark appeared nearby and started stalking him.  First, the great white bit his board, circled him, and then bit him through his wet suit on his hip. 

But Marcel survived because he remembered a fact he learned at a “Trivia Night” at a local bar, he reared back and punched the shark in the face and eyes until it let go of him.

It also helped that he was wearing a thick, winter wet-suit, because it was thick enough to lessen the bites.


A Guy Tries to Hide $1,090 From the Cops By Hiding It in His Rectum

This is the worst case of making it rain I've ever heard of.

Police pulled over a 26-year-old guy named Pattreon Stokes from Wildwood, Florida on Saturday for speeding.  And the cops spotted meth, cocaine, and heroin in the car.

They took him to jail, and as they were about to strip search him, they noticed $20 bills . . . how do I put this? . . . were falling out of his butt.

So some brave officer took a closer look, and found that Pattreon had jammed over $1000. . . well, you know, trying to hide it. 

He's facing a ton of charges, from drug possession with intent to sell, to smuggling contraband into jail. 

Stupid Criminals!!! Click here to see his mugshot.


A Mailman Saved a Guy's Life, Then Finished Delivering the Mail

51-year-old mailman, George Clifford was driving in his mail truck near Pittsford, Vermont earlier this month and he found a 72-year-old guy lying on the side of the road with no pulse.

So he called 911, and they helped him do CPR.  After some chest compressions, the guy took one huge gasp of air and started breathing again!  Yes, George ended up saving his LIFE.

Paramedics rushed the man to a hospital, and his doctors say he should make a full recovery.  To top things off, George kept delivering the mail and actually finished his route. 

He says it took a little longer than usual, because all he could think about was whether the guy was okay.