A Guy Tries to Deposit a One Million Dollar Bill and Gets Busted for Meth

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August 8, 2017

A Guy Tries to Deposit a One Million Dollar Bill, and Gets Busted for Meth

$100 bills are the highest denomination in the U.S.  And if you didn't know that, don't feel too bad.  This guy didn't know either . . .

33-year-old Dennis Strickland walked into a bank in Sioux City, Iowa last Thursday and tried to deposit a fake ONE MILLION DOLLAR bill.  Technically it's not illegal to be clueless, so he didn't get in trouble for it.  But the bank teller did call the cops.

When they showed up, they asked him to empty his pockets.  It's not clear if he even HAD to do it, since he hadn't broken any laws.  But he emptied his pockets anyway and pulled out a bag of METH.

He's facing charges for possession of a controlled substance, and is due in court next week.

Stupid Criminals!!!!  Click here to see his mugshot.


A Guy Gets Robbed While He Weighs Himself on the Big Scale at the Front of a Grocery Store

You've probably been in a grocery store or another business that has a big SCALE in the front, where it usually costs a quarter or so for you to weigh yourself. 

You may have also wondered, does anyone ever use that thing?  Well one guy did and here's why no one else should.

A 72-year-old guy was at a Publix grocery store in The Villages, in Florida last week and he decided to weigh himself on their big scale.  I guess he wanted to get as accurate of a reading as possible, so he took his wallet out of his pocket.  Can't have those extra five ounces on you, right?

But when he was done, he forgot to grab his wallet, and someone STOLE it.  The guy lost the cash inside and as far as we know, the cops haven't had any luck in tracking it down. 


Man Lost In The Australian Outback Survives Thanks To Tips He Learned From Bear Grylls

A British man named Anthony Collis was traveling with his girlfriend, Debbie Blomfield, through a remote region of northwest Australia when their car got stuck in some mud. 

Anthony and Debbie immediately got into an argument and then walked off in separate directions to find help.  Debbie walked for 5 miles before she showed up at a mining camp, where she reported Anthony missing.

Authorities initiated a search, but ended up assuming Anthony was dead because he failed to appear on their heat-detecting rescue devices.  But Anthony wasn’t dead! It turns out he was undetectable because he had buried himself in sand and leaves to protect himself from the cold -- a trick he learned watching survivalist Bear Grylls on TV.

Police found Anthony alive 3 days later. He was dehydrated and starving, but he’s going to be ok.  He says he survived by eating bugs and flowers – another trick he learned from watching Bear Grylls.