A Guy Tries to Lose the Cops by Jumping In The Ocean and Gets Stalked by a Shark

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September 5, 2017

A Guy Tries to Lose the Cops by Jumping In The Ocean and Gets Stalked by a Shark

20-year-old Zachary Kingsbury got pulled over in Surf City, North Carolina last Wednesday, and while the cops were talking to him, he took off. 

He ran into the water, and tried to SWIM to freedom.  Police deployed a drone to track him from the air, and apparently he's a pretty strong swimmer, because he ended up almost a MILE offshore.

But right around then, the drone got footage of a pretty big SHARK that started stalking him.  Luckily the Coast Guard was able to get to him before the shark did, so he's okay.

He had marijuana and meth in his car, so that's why he ran.  He's facing charges for drug possession and resisting arrest.  Stupid Criminals!!! Click here to see his mugshot and video footage that shows the shark!


Another Handsome Criminal Got a Modeling Career From a Mugshot

At this point, if you want to become a male model, the best route may be going out and robbing a bank or stealing a car. 

And getting caught, you gotta get caught.  That’s because ANOTHER criminal just got a modeling career thanks to his mugshot.

The most famous case is Jeremy Meeks, whose mugshot went viral back in 2014, and when he got out of prison, he immediately jumped into a modeling career.  Now, 20-year-old Mekhi Lucky from Raleigh, North Carolina just followed the same path.

He was arrested in April of last year for getting into a police chase in a stolen car, and his mugshot went viral because he’s good looking, and he has a condition where his EYES are different colors.  One is blue, one is brown.

And now that he's out of prison, he was snapped up by a modeling agency, and he just did his first fashion shoot last month.  Click here to see his mugshot and a few of his first modeling photos.


A Couple of Holy Criminals!!!

Cops in Pennsylvania are looking for a pair of very holy-looking bank robbers.  Officers say two women dressed as Catholic nuns entered Citizens Bank near Tannersville Monday wielding a pistol.  The pair demanded cash but left empty-handed.

They were dressed in full nun-attire, with one of them wearing sunglasses.  The FBI is reviewing surveillance footage in an attempt to identify the suspects.