A Guy Tries to Rob a Chipotle But Only Gets a Burrito

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November 28, 2016

A Guy Tries to Rob a Chipotle But Only Gets a Burrito

Chipotle's had a rough run lately . . . their business has dropped significantly because of their E. coli outbreak last year.  So they need to hang onto every single dollar they take in.

A guy went into a Chipotle in Des Moines, Iowa last week and ordered a burrito.  He went through the line, picking out his meat and toppings and all that, but when he got to the cashier, he said he had a GUN and wanted all the money in the register.

The cashier panicked and ran into a back room.  The guy decided to take off without any cash, but he DID steal his burrito.

The cops are trying to track him down.


A Truck Driver Gets Revenge For Being Fired By Text Message!

It's never a great idea to make someone angry when they are making a delivery for you.

A Pennsylvania truck driver named Darren Walp deliberately dumped about 1,000 bushels of corn onto Highway 8 in Gage County, Nebraska.

And he did it to get revenge after receiving a text-message from his boss that informed him he was fired.

The dumped corn was spread-out over about a quarter mile, and was worth around $3,100!  Plus, the cost to clean up the mess was about $500.

Darren was arrested for the incident and charged with felony criminal mischief and depositing materials on a roadway or ditch.


A Woman Shoots Her Guests For Being Too Drunk and Loud

Our patience with houseguests seems to be getting shorter and shorter. 

A 32-year-old woman named Alana Savell from Panama City, Florida was arrested last week for SHOOTING her guests when they came home drunk and were being too loud.

She was so angry that she told them to leave and then she SHOT at their feet to really drive home her point.  Two of them wound up taking bullets to the leg.  They were taken to the hospital, and the staff there called the cops, who went to track down Alana.

She was arrested for aggravated battery with a firearm.  Click here to see her mugshot.