Guys ride a couch through a McDonald's Drive-Thru (Freak Files)

February 13, 2017

Two Guys Get Busted Going Through the McDonald's Drive-Thru on a Couch

Generations of lazy slackers around the world have pondered the ultimate question:  How do I go through the McDonald's drive-thru without having to get up from this couch? 

These guys just found the answer.  A cop in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada was outside of a McDonald's at 3:19 A.M. on Thursday when two guys rolled through the drive-thru on a COUCH.

It was on wheels, and another guy was driving an ATV and towing it.  When the cop turned on his lights, the guy on the ATV sped off, but he left his two buddies and the couch behind.

He wound up getting away, but the two guys on the couch were arrested.  It's not clear what the charges are, but it's looking like public intoxication and maybe a moving violation. 

To see the video, click here.


False Alarm!

A few fine, upstanding citizens from California's Santa Clarita Valley went into panic mode last week when they saw someone loading a child up in the trunk of a car!

Local sheriffs were hot on the case, quickly found the grey vehicle and held the driver at gunpoint until they could discern whether a kidnapping had taken place.

Luckily all is well, the child is fine and the culprit is one of those swanky new Teslas! Yep, the Model S features a third-row seat option that can fit a kiddo or small adult facing backwards --and also doubles as trunk space.

Elderly Woman Didn't Realize Her Cane Housed A Sword Until She Was Stopped By T-S-A

Apparently it IS possible to not know that your walking cane is actually a weapon!

That’s what happened to an 80-year-old woman at South Carolina's Myrtle Beach International Airport last week.  She walked through security using a cane with an elegant bronzed handle when the TSA stopped her because her cane contained a secret sword!!!

Luckily, authorities believed she truly had no idea about the sword until she was stopped by the TSA.  The woman said the cane was a treasured gift from her son – but it must not have been THAT treasured since she gave it up in order to make her flight on time.