Guys Spraying Graffiti on a Bridge Get Stuck at the Top!

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July 26, 2017

Two Men Climb A 382-Foot Bridge To Spray-Paint Graffiti And Get Stuck

Let this be a lesson:  don't climb up anything you can’t climb down from.

Two men are under arrest after police were forced to rescue them from atop the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia.

The men climbed one of the bridge's 382-foot towers to spray paint graffiti at the top, but when they tried climbing back down, they got stuck and had to call 911.

Police had to stop traffic on the bridge for 90 minutes while they used safety harnesses to rescue the men. The two men were taken into custody, but their names have not been released.


10 Year Old Breakin’ The Law

A boy from Daytona Beach, Florida, is already in trouble with the law for stealing a car. 

So he was arrested and while waiting for his court date, he cut off his ankle bracelet and stole another car! 

Police say it's his fourth arrest for car theft in the last six weeks!  As we stated at the beginning, he’s just a boy.  A boy who has 4 felonies on his record for stealing cars is only 10-years-old! 

Police called him "flashy" and "brash."


A Woman Who Paid For Lipo With a Stolen Credit Card

29-year-old Natasha Bostick from Largo, Florida got liposuction back in October, and her doctor took before-and-after photos of her, which is pretty standard for plastic surgery.

They're also the key piece of evidence that SUNK her, because Natasha paid for the lipo with a stolen credit card.  As the cops were investigating, they went to the doctor, and he gave them the before-and-after photos, which showed Natasha's tattoos, like a heart and roses on her chest.

She'd been arrested back in 2007 and her tattoos were cataloged, so the cops were able to match the lipo photos to those.  Therefore, she was just arrested for felony credit card fraud.  Stupid Criminals!!!

Click here to see her mugshot.