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Is Gwen Stefani secretly grossed out by Blake Shelton?

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November 11, 2016

Welcome To The ‘Love Side’ of Town!

Is GWEN STEFANI secretly grossed out by BLAKE SHELTON?

Sources tell the National Enquirer that Gwen is a devoted vegan and can (wait for it...) smell meat on people who eat it --including her country boyfriend, Blake! 

Word is she doesn't want to hurt his feelings and tries to give him apples or mints before they pucker up.


Michael Buble's Son Is Battling Liver Cancer

Michael Bublé and his wife have revealed that their 3-year-old son, Noah, has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

The couple received the news from doctors in L.A.

Noah has begun chemotherapy, which is expected to last 4-months. The treatment gives him a 90% chance of beating his illness.

Meanwhile, Michael Bublé is asking for fans to respect his privacy at the moment – and to pray for his son to get better.


Celebrity Kids Get Celebrity Playdates!

When you are a big-time celebrity and you have kids – those kids get big-time celebrity play-dates.

Case in point:  Jennifer Lopez and Chelsea Clinton are neighbors, so naturally their kids have play-dates together all the time.  And this isn’t just speculation, it’s been confirmed by J-Lo herself! 

J-Lo said that she moved next door to Chelsea Clinton and her husband in a “luxury building in Manhattan” back in 2014 and their kids love each other.


Billy Bob Thornton Never Felt Good Enough for Angelina Jolie 

BILLY BOB THORNTON is interviewed in the new issue of "GQ", and he discusses his marriage to ANGELINA JOLIE, and how he, quote, "never felt good enough for her." 

She was always meeting with U.N. people or adoption agencies, or even the president.  And they were always getting invites to bigwigs like GEORGE LUCAS.

He said, quote, "I'm real uncomfortable around rich and important people.  I like how I am."  He said they're still friends though, and still talk every once in a while.