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Has Bill O'Reilly Been Fired?

Plus more with our "Dirt Alert"

April 12, 2017

Idle gossip & unconfirmed rumors from less than credible sources...


Bill O'Reilly is Taking a "Pre-Planned" Vacation 

BILL O'REILLY announced last night that he's taking some time off from "The O'Reilly Factor", but he said it was a pre-planned vacation. 

His rep said later that airline and hotel reservations for the trip were made last October.  There will be guest hosts until he comes back, supposedly on April 24th. 

However, "New York" magazine says there's talk inside Fox that last night could have been Bill's LAST SHOW. 

That would be a tricky move for Fox, because he's a ratings GIANT, but at the same time, he has recently become a liability to the network.  Sponsors have already left "The O'Reilly Factor" in droves.


George and Amal are Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms 

GEORGE and AMAL CLOONEY are sleeping apart!! 

But it's NOT the scandal you're hoping for.  It's a pregnancy thing.  She's in her third trimester, and any woman who's been pregnant will tell you how hard that can be, on both parties. 

A source tells us this morning, quote, "She booted him out and he didn't complain either.  Neither of them have been getting any sleep.  He snores like a monster, especially after a few tequilas, while she's up virtually every hour needing to use the bathroom."


J. Geils Was Found Dead in His Home 

J. GEILS was found dead in his home in Groton, Massachusetts yesterday. 

No one suspects foul play, but the police are still investigating.  They were called to the house at around 4:00 P.M. for a "well-being check."

J. Geils was the founder and guitarist for the J. GEILS BAND.  He was NOT the singer.  That's PETER WOLF.

The band formed in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1967.  They recorded and toured throughout the '70s, but hit their peak in the early '80s, with a string of hits including "Centerfold", "Love Stinks", and "Freeze Frame".