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Have You Heard Of The Tom Brady Diet?

Plus more with our "Dirt Alert"

March 8, 2017

The top 3 trending stories on social media...with Mike and Mandy's Dirt Alert!


Tom Brady Is Now Selling Vegan, Gluten-Free Meal Kits 

Have ever heard of the TOM BRADY Diet? 

It's about 80% organic vegetables and whole grains, and 20% lean meats, like chicken and salmon.  He doesn't eat white sugar, white flour, coffee, caffeine, fungus, or dairy.

His chef cooks with Himalayan pink salt instead of iodized salt, and coconut oil instead of olive oil.

Now, I know what you're thinking:  Sign me up!  Well, now you CAN.  Tom has Launche the 'TB12' line based on his diet.  Tom's branded 'TB12' package starts at $78 a week, and it includes three meals apiece for two people. 

(Check out a sample menu, here.)


Is OJ Simpson Getting Out Of Prison?

In 2008, O.J. Simpson was sentenced to 33-years in prison for his role in a Nevada robbery and kidnapping – but he could be gettin’ out early because his first parole hearing is coming up in July.

He has served 9-years of his sentence at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.  Based on his behavior in prison, he has been placed in the “low risk” category for his parole hearing, which gives him a good chance of being released.

Depending on the outcome, OJ could be a free man as soon as October 1st.


Is Jimmy Fallon Being Urged to Be More Political? 

After PRESIDENT TRUMP got elected, STEPHEN COLBERT's "Late Show" got more political, and the ratings spiked. 

In fact, for the last five weeks, he's been beating JIMMY FALLON and the "Tonight Show" in total viewers.  Now, there's supposedly pressure on Jimmy to get more political himself. 

A source says, quote, "They had to figure out a way to get Trump [into his routine] because he's too weak on Trump, and viewers are going elsewhere . . .

"He freaks out over this.  He has to be on top."