Highest-Paid TV Actors of All Time - (Hint) Jerry Seinfeld Is NOT #1

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March 24, 2017

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Highest-Paid TV Actors of All Time 

The "Big Bang Theory" cast is making BIG money, so, E! News was inspired to put together 'The Highest-Paid TV Casts of All Time.'

It doesn't really cover WHOLE casts, it's basically just a rundown of the biggest negotiated paydays. 

  1. Charlie Sheen.  He was the highest paid actor on TV during his "Two and a Half Men" era.  He earned $1.8 million per episode in his final season and then took home $2 million per episode of "Anger Management" after it passed its 100th episode.
  2. Ray Romano"Everybody Loves Raymond" paid him $1.8 million per episode.
  3. Kelsey Grammer.  He earned $1.6 million per episode of "Frasier".
  4. Tim Allen.  He earned $1.25 million per episode for "Home Improvement".
  5. Jerry Seinfeld.  He reportedly turned down $5 million an episode to continue "Seinfeld" after he wanted to end it.  But he didn't miss out on much, because he still took home $1 million per episode by the end.


Boston Drummer Sib Hashian Died on a Rock Cruise 

Old-school BOSTON drummer JOHN "SIB" HASHIAN died Wednesday on a CRUISE SHIP. 

He was on one of those "Legends of Rock" cruises, and was actually performing when he collapsed.  Both CPR and a defibrillator failed to resuscitate him.  He was 67. 

There's no word on the cause of death. 


Willie Nelson Is Not On Death's Door

Several of the rag-mags have been trying to sell issues by claiming WILLIE NELSON is on death's door . . . or deathly ill . . . or whatever. 

They're basing it on all the shows he has had to cancel due to health issues recently, and he's turning 84 next month, so there's that.

Well, his publicist decided to clear the air so she went to the Associated Press and said, quote, "He's perfectly fine." 

To drive the point home, she reminded everyone that he performed for over 75,000 people at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Saturday.