A Hospital Charged a Couple $40 to Hold Their Baby

October 5, 2016

A Hospital Charged a Couple $40 to Hold Their Baby After He Was Born

It's really amazing how much of an out-of-control beast our healthcare system has become.

A couple in Utah had a baby a few weeks ago, and the guy just posted a copy of their hospital bill on Reddit . . . that showed a $39.35 charge for, quote, "skin to skin after C-sec."  In other words, they were charged 40 bucks to hold their son after he was born.

How can the hospital possibly think that's a reasonable charge?  A labor and delivery nurse posted a response to explain it:  When a baby is born with a c-section in the operating room and the parents hold them right away, an extra nurse has to stay and monitor the baby to make sure they're okay.

While that may be true, the consensus online is that it's still a ridiculous thing to see on a hospital bill.  So ridiculous, it has made it to the Freak Files!!! Click here to see a picture of the bill.


A Woman Stole a Paramedic's Wallet While They Helped Her Dying Boyfriend

You have to be a pretty depraved human being to see your significant other DYING in the street, and use it as an opportunity to steal a few bucks.

27-year-old Jacob Dromgoole got hit by a car in Harrison Township, New Jersey on Sunday and paramedics rushed to the scene and tried to help him.  Unfortunately it was too late, and he died.

His girlfriend Brittany Carulli was pretty upset, so the paramedics let her sit in the ambulance, because it was raining outside and because she needed someplace to grieve.

While she was alone in the ambulance, she stole one of the paramedics WALLETS.  She took it out of a purse and got away with about $120 in cash.

The woman realized it was missing later that day and called the cops, and Brittany was arrested for theft.  Click here to see her mugshot.


A Guy Tried to Smoke the Hottest Pepper in the World

Some idiot used a bong to smoke a Carolina Reaper pepper. 

The Carolina Reaper pepper is the hottest pepper in the world.  It has 2.2 billion scoville units.  A Habanero pepper, which is a really hot pepper, has only 100,000 scoville units.  The Jalapeno pepper, which is really hot too, has only 2500 scoville units. 

Pepper spray usually has 2 million scoville units.  So the Carolina Reaper pepper is about a 1000 times hotter than pepper spray!!  And this guy tried to smoke it!!!

Then he immediately started dry heaving and drooling everywhere.