This Hotel Chain Will Give You A Refund If You Get Divorced (Freak Files)

March 28, 2017

Hotel Chain Will Give You A Refund If You Get Divorced

Divorce isn't something most people want to go through, but a Swedish hotel chain is trying to make it a little easier.

That's because people who stay at any of the Countryside Hotel chains can receive a refund if they get divorced following their stay.

To get he discount you have to be legally married, stay in the same room, and you must mention the deal at check in.

If you then get divorced within a year, you'll get your money back for up to 2-nights.  You'll have to show your divorce papers to receive that refund.


That’s Not My Name!

This guy is really good at hiding.

Sixty-five-year-old LINLEY LEMBURG, of Ocala, Florida, was arrested last week and taken to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.

His fingerprints were compared to files and it turns out he's actually WILLIAM MICHAEL ROBERTSON, who went AWOL from the Air Force 45 years ago.

He's been living in Ocala under his alias with his wife all these years!


A Thief's Pants Get Snagged on a Fence, and He's Stuck Hanging Upside Down

There's really no coming back from this photo for this guy.

A guy was trying to break into an elementary school in Tucson, Arizona before it opened on Friday morning, but he saw someone else on the grounds so he got scared and ran.

He tried to climb the fence to get away, but there was one big problem:  His pants were too baggy and they SNAGGED on the spikes at the top of the fence.

So the guy found himself completely TRAPPED, dangling upside-down, with his pants around his ankles.  And naturally, a few people drove by . . . and took pictures.

Fortunately for him, it looks like he was wearing pretty thick white boxers that did a good job covering him up while he was stuck there.  Stupid Criminals!!!

The police eventually showed up, cut him loose, and arrested him.  (Click here to see a picture)