How do you get stuck in an ATM?

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July 14, 2017

A Repairman Stuck Behind an ATM Slips a Note Through the Receipt Slot 

If this happened to me, I'd be 100% SURE it was some sort of YouTube prank.  I'd just start looking for hidden cameras . . .

Someone in Corpus Christie, Texas was using a Bank of America ATM on Wednesday afternoon.  And where the receipt usually comes out, they got a handwritten NOTE instead.

The note said, "Please help.  I'm STUCK in here.  I don't have my phone.  Please call my boss."  Then there was a phone number at the end.  And it turned out it wasn't a prank.  Someone really WAS trapped in there.

Apparently he passed several notes through the ATM, and the first few people thought it was a joke.  But someone finally took it seriously and called the cops.  They had to knock the door down to get him out, and he's okay.  Click here to see pictures of the note and the ATM he was trapped behind.


Cops Catch a Guy With Outstanding Warrants When He Falls Through the Ceiling

Movies and TV have taught us that if you're in trouble, you can crawl through the ceiling or the vents and escape.  In reality, there's almost no chance they can support your weight, but people keep on trying! 

Cops in Winter Haven, Florida were looking for 32-year-old Demario Webster on three outstanding warrants.  They tracked him down at a woman's apartment.  She stalled them and wouldn't let them in as Demario crawled up into the ceiling.  It worked for a minute, until he CRASHED through into a shower three apartments down.  The cops arrested him.

He was also hit with new charges for resisting arrest and burglary.  They also arrested the woman who tried to stall them to help him get away.  Stupid Criminals!  Click here to see their mugshots and a photo of the ceiling he crashed through.


Proof That Wedding Dances Are Getting Out of Hand

It seems that every newlywed couple is coming up with a coordinated dance routine to wow their guests at their reception – but now it’s just getting out of hand.

Sharon and Andy Price, an engaged couple in England, wanted to do one of these coordinated dances at their reception – and since they had watched the movie “Dirty Dancing” over 30 times, they decided their dance should include the famous lift where the woman runs toward the man and he lifts her up over his head.

Well, they were at a beer garden with family this week wanted to try the lift out.  So, 52-year old Sharon ran full-steam at 51-Andy.  But she collided with her groom-to-be and they both crashed to the ground. Andy was knocked unconscious and Sharon suffered a back injury.

They’ll both be fine, but they have decided that they’ll opt for a "more sedate" first dance at their wedding next October.