How to Earn $11,000 In 2-Days From An Airline (Freak Files)

April 11, 2017

A Family Earned $11,000 in a Weekend By Letting Delta Bump Them

Delta Airlines had to cancel around 3,000 flights last week because of storms. 

While that had to be an absolute NIGHTMARE for tens of thousands of people, it was a JACKPOT for one family.  Laura Bloom and her family were supposed to travel from New York to Florida on Delta for a vacation on Friday.

Their flight actually WASN'T canceled, so Delta was offering up a ton of money for people to give up their seats.  Laura and her family negotiated $1,350 each to get bumped to Saturday, and since there were three of them, that was a total of $4,050.

When they went back to the airport on Saturday, THAT flight was also okay, but yet again, they were asked to give up their seats and each took another $1,315 to get bumped to Sunday.

At the airport on Sunday, they decided just to forget about the trip to Florida, and they each took $1,000 to give up their seats AGAIN, and they got the original cost of the tickets refunded.

So, all in, the family made $11,000 over the weekend just to stay in New York. 


Grandma Calls Wrong Number For Help, Stranger Shows Up Anyway

Sometimes you dial a wrong number and get hung up on, and sometimes you find help.

An elderly woman in Nottingham, England, had fallen, and, wait for it, she couldn’t get up!!!  Well she attempted to call her daughter, but accidentally called the office of a man named Dang Vuong instead.

34-year-old Dang said he found out the old woman was just 2-miles away, so he drove to her house while his receptionist stayed on the phone with her.  He arrived to find her collapsed by the bathtub.

So, he told her who he was and then scooped her up, put her on the couch and covered her with a blanket while they waited until her family came to help her."


Police Officer Saves Girl At A Donut Shop

It’s an old cliché:  cops love donuts --- but it’s also true!

Police Officer John O'Rourke was waiting to order at the “Donuts to Go” bakery in Sanford, Florida, when a three-year-old girl started having a seizure and lost consciousness.

Officer O’Rourke had bystanders call 911 as he began to perform CPR. Amazingly, the little girl was conscious and in good spirits by the time ambulance arrived.

The shop gave O'Rourke a box of free doughnuts for his service – and in a Facebook post later that day, O'Rourke jokingly said, "It had to be a donut shop."