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How To Get An Entire Baseball Stadium To Boo

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July 19, 2017

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Gets Booed After Catching Foul Ball At Mets Game

Usually people cheer when someone catches a foul ball at a baseball game, but that wasn’t the case for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

At a New York Mets game last night, Chris Christie caught a foul ball and the crowd cheered --- well, they started to cheer, but when they realized it was Governor Christie who caught the ball, those cheers turned to loud boos.

Christie was sitting in the 3rd row at Citi Field during the game between the Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals .


Hip-Hop Has Dethroned Rock 'n' Roll as America's Favorite Music Genre 

Ever since Nielsen Music has been collecting data on music sales, rock 'n' roll has been America's favorite genre. 

But it’s 2017 and rock is no longer king.  According to a new report, R&B and Hip-Hop have become the country's new favorite genre.  And in case you’re wondering, they lumped 'R&B and Hip-Hop' together.

Over the first half of 2017, R&B and Hip-Hop have claimed about 25.1% of the market.  Rock is second with 23%.

Justin Bieber Doing Something Nice and Good?

JUSTIN BIEBER surprised fans at a children's hospital in Orange County, and as far as we know, he did it without egging somebody’s car or peeing in a bucket on his way out.

To Justin's credit, he spent time talking to the kids.  He also took pictures and prayed with them.

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