How To Get Free Pizza For A Year

September 27, 2016

A Woman Returns $5,000 to Domino's, and Gets Free Pizza for a Year

Selena Avalos is the manager at a cell phone store in San Jose, California. 

She ordered some chicken wings from Domino's for lunch on Tuesday, but when she opened the box, there weren't any wings in it, just $5,000 in CASH.

It turned out the delivery guy accidentally gave her the wrong box and it was the store's bank deposit for the night.

Selena immediately called to let them know what happened.  She says she never even considered keeping it, even though no one called her back for THREE DAYS.  She finally got in contact with their corporate office.

Domino’s is rewarding her, by giving her free pizza for a YEAR.  And her boss was so impressed, she's getting an extra week's worth of paid vacation for being so honest. 

Click here to see photos of Selena, and the cash.


Cops Thought a Woman Got Assaulted, But She Was Just Dressed as a Zombie

Someone in northern England saw a woman drive by on Sunday covered in BLOOD, and called the cops to report an assault. 

They also said the guy she was with had been BITING her.  So the cops started searching for them, and managed to pull them over.  And sure enough, there was blood all over them, and the guy had some around his mouth.

But the woman HADN'T actually been assaulted, and everything was fine.  It turned out they both work as movie extras and they were on their way to a job where they had to play ZOMBIES.

All the blood was fake, and they had special contacts in to make their eyes look weird.  The cops ended up letting them go, but the photo they posted on their Twitter page is making the rounds online.  (Click here to see the picture).


A Guy Gets Cut in Line . . . and Wins the Lottery

This is sweet, glorious karma right here. 

A guy in Tauranga, New Zealand was in line at a convenience store last week to buy a lottery ticket, when another person cut in line, and bought THEIR lottery ticket first.  But the guy who got cut-in on wasn't in a hurry, so he didn't complain or say anything.

Then he bought HIS ticket and won a jackpot of about $750,000.  And he says, quote, "I guess good karma pays off, if that hadn't happened, they might have the winning ticket, not me."