How To Make Your Own Solar Eclipse Viewer

August 10, 2017


People are having a difficult time finding NASA approved “safety glasses” for the upcoming eclipse.  But, just because you can’t find glasses – that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the eclipse.  You’re just going to have to build your own Solar Eclipse Viewer:

Here’s What You Need: A shoebox, a small piece of tin foil, a sheet of white paper, some tape, a needle, and a box cutter.

Step 1: Cut a 1-inch hole in one end of the shoebox, near the top edge.

Step 2: Tape a piece of tinfoil over the hole.

Step 3:  Punch a small hole in the center if the foil with your needle.

Step 4: Tape a small piece of white paper to the inside of the box, at the opposite end from the foil-covered hole. Position it so that light entering the box through the pinhole will hit the paper. This is your "projection screen," where you'll look for the image of the sun.