How Many Dogs Can You Walk At Once

July 28, 2016

A Guy Tries to Walk 45 Dogs at Once

A guy in Los Angeles recently tried to break a world record by walking 45 dogs at once. 

The video proves that the feat was harder than he thought.  He had to go around a track three times.  But first he and the 45 dogs got tangled.  Once he ad the dogs were untangled, the leash started cutting off the circulation to his hand.

Then some of the dogs started fighting, and the owners got nervous.  So he had to quit.  A guy in Pittsburgh still holds the record at 35 dogs. 



MARY BUTLER, who was 77, of England, died last month of pneumonia and complications from diabetes.

She was 350 pounds at the time of her death and her family was told that her 33-inch wide coffin was too big for the crematorium.  The Markeaton Crematorium said they could only accommodate 28 inches and they refused to hold the funeral service there.

Her daughter JENNIE said, "She was a big woman, and we're a big family, but this is horrendous and outrageous."  The family was forced to find another funeral home 12 miles away but they are still very hurt by being turned away from the place where their mother wanted to be laid to rest.


Man Uses Car Wash Power Sprayer Against Carjackers

A man in Louisiana has thwarted a carjacking attempt with the help of a car wash power spray.

Michael Davis was cleaning his car at a Shreveport car wash when a man pointed a gun at him and demanded his keys and cash.  But instead of giving up the goods, Michael turned the powerful spray hose onto the gunman and then beat him up with the wand.  The gunman got up and ran away!!

Michael doesn't regret his actions. He says he probably would have been shot -- even if he had given the thief what he wanted.

Police are still looking for the gunman.