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How Much Is Lady Gaga Getting Paid To Do The Super Bowl Halftime Show?

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January 24, 2017

Halftime Money

Guess how much LADY GAGA is getting paid to do the halftime show at Super Bowl 51?

Nothing! Zip! Nada!  Forbes says no one has been paid for that spotlight performance for many, many years. The NFL covers all the production costs and the exposure pays for itself.

More than 100-million people tune in, and there's word that she will release a new album this year as a follow-up!


NBC To Celebrate Tom Brokaw's 50 Years With The Network

NBC is rolling out the red carpet for special correspondent Tom Brokaw.

The former anchor will celebrate his 50th anniversary at NBC soon and a 2-hour special to commemorate his work is being planned with appearances from celebrities like Oprah, Tom Hanks, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Bill Gates and more.

The special is called “Tom Brokaw at NBC News: The First 50 Years” and it will air this Sunday at 8PM.


Mel Gibson Still Delivers!

The Oscar nominations will be announced a little later on this morning, and MEL GIBSON may or may not get a nomination for directing "Hacksaw Ridge", but he's got other things on his mind. 

His ninth child was born Friday morning in Los Angeles.  LARS GERARD GIBSON is the first child with his girlfriend of two years, ROSALIND ROSS.

In case you're wondering, Mel is now 60 years old.


Super Bowl Ratings and It’s Only the Playoffs

Overnight ratings for Sunday's championship games are in... and the NFC game between the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons pulled in an amazing 46 million people! 

On the other side, the AFC game pitting the Pittsburgh Steelers against the New England Patriots had a few less --45.7 million.