How'd Adele React To Her Credit Card Being Denied?

August 8, 2016

Adele's Credit Card Declined At H&M

How embarrassing – Adele’s credit card was declined at H&M!!!

This isn’t some tabloid gossip – Adele told the story herself during a concert in San Jose, California last night.  She said she was shopping at H&M, but when she went to pay, her credit card was declined. 

Adele says it was “pretty embarrassing,” but she was lucky because nobody knew it was her.  She claims something must have been wrong with H&M’s credit card machine because she was able to make purchases with the same card at Sephora just a few minutes later.

By the way -- Adele is the 9th-highest-paid celebrity in the world. She’s earned $80.5 million dollars so far this year.


Alex Rodriguez Will Play His Last Game on Friday 

ALEX RODRIGUEZ announced his retirement yesterday . . . effective this coming Friday. 

It wasn't a HUGE surprise as he hasn’t been very impressive this season, and the Yankees were going to cut him anyway. 

He didn't WANT to leave the game now, but the Yankees offered him a role as, quote, "an ambassador, instructor, and special advisor to the team."  So basically, he chose the retirement plan over being released outright.

He'll still get the rest of his $20 million salary this season, and the $20 million he's owed for next season.  Over the course of A-Rod's 22-year career, he made around $435 MILLION from baseball.


Gregg Allman Hospitalized & Cancels Tour Due To 'Serious Illness'

Over the weekend, Gregg Allman was hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Apparently his illness is serious because he canceled all of his scheduled concerts through the end of October.

There has been no word as to what type of illness Gregg Allman is suffering from, but he has been struggling with health issues for years since having a liver transplant in 2010.