Imagine Giving Birth to a 16-POUND Baby! (Freak Files)

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May 11, 2017

Woman Gives Birth To Huge Baby

A New Zealand woman gave birth to a massive 16-pound, 4-ounce baby.

The baby boy also measured nearly 23 inches long and is double the size of an average baby. 

The parents didn't want to be identified, but the baby's father said he doesn't know where their son's size came from because neither of his parents are tall.

And, even though this baby was huge, he isn’t huge enough to break the Guinness World Record.  The title of the World’s biggest baby is still held by a 23-pound, 9-ounce baby born to a Canadian woman.


A ‘Freaky’ Scam

JEROME HARRELL's first car was a 1955 Chevy and he wanted another one now that he was retired.  

The Vietnam vet looked online and found one for only three grand.  The woman who had it told him that she got it in divorce and just wanted to get rid of it.

It would be delivered to him in three days after he paid using Google Wallet.  He got a very official looking invoice telling him to pay with a bitcoin ATM. Harrell said, quote, "Never heard it before or anything, but we went on the computer and looked at it and it says it's in Wal-Mart, so I figured it had to be legit."

He sent the seller a total of $44 hundred dollars and as you might have guessed, no car arrived. The seller never answered his emails and Google Wallet said they never deal in Bitcoin.  He got scammed.


A Woman Is Busted For Driving Drunk After Chugging Bottles of Vanilla Extract

The cops in Adams Township, Pennsylvania have been trying to find someone who'd been dumping a very specific type of litter for the past several months:  Empty bottles of vanilla extract.

They finally set up a camera and spotted a woman throwing the bottles out of her car window.  And last week they pulled her over and figured out what was really going on.

61-year-old Mary Ranker is a recovering alcoholic.  Apparently she wanted to get drunk, but her plan to avoid fully relapsing and buying liquor was to CHUG vanilla extract instead.

Since vanilla extract is about 70 proof, it actually DID get the job done.  So when the cops pulled her over, her blood-alcohol level was 0.128.

So she was charged with a DUI and littering.