Inmates Build Secret Computers in Prison! (Freak Files)

April 14, 2017

Inmates Used Stolen Parts to Cobble Together Two Computers and Get Online

These guys actually sound like the OPPOSITE of stupid criminals . . .

Inmates at a prison in Marion, Ohio got to take part in a program a few years ago where they learned a skill by taking apart electronics that were being recycled.

Two of the prisoners managed to steal a bunch of parts, put them together to build two COMPUTERS, and then used them to message people, apply for credit cards, research tax fraud and homemade DRUGS.

The inmates say they were able to pull it off because the security at the prison was so awful, and no one was watching them.  They snuck all the parts into their cells, and even managed to run Cat-5 cables through the ceiling to get online.

The prison's IT department figured out what was happening after they noticed a computer on their network had way more internet traffic than it should have.

The department of corrections says it's taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. 


Hey, What Did They Do With Uncle Albert???

It seems the only sacred things in Canada are beer ...and hockey.

Canada is having a cemetery plot shortage so severe, they are literally running out of room to put the deceased.  Burial plot prices have soared to $25-thousand dollars, and the country is considering "leasing" them.

The concept has been used in Germany for years with families continuing to pay year after year for their loved one.  If the family cannot pay, their loved one is dug up and buried deeper or relocated and the original plot is reused.


Would You Eat a Pizza Covered in Tacos?

You may have a theory that ANYTHING can be a pizza topping, and this would back that up. 

There's a pizza place in Hoboken, New Jersey called Tony Baloney's.  And they sell a pizza that's COVERED in tacos.  Like, whole entire tacos.

They say they got the idea from a couple of smokers. . . . you know what I mean?  Dope heads.  They had the munchies and asked for tacos on a pizza.

He made it, they came back with friends who wanted to try it, and suddenly, everyone was trying to get the taco pizza.  Now they make it every Tuesday and there's always a line out the door.

So here's how they make it.  They put cheese, carne asada and chipotle asada on a pizza crust, bake it, then add a ton of tacos to the top and a pool of guacamole in the middle.

When it's done, it weighs 30 POUNDS, and costs $80 for the pizza, or $10 a slice.  Each slice contains three tacos, though, so you're getting a solid meal for your money.   (click here to see some pictures)