Introducing “Husband Storage Pods”

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July 18, 2017

Introducing “Husband Storage Pods”

Men typically aren't as enthusiastic about shopping as women are, and now a mall in China is trying to make life a bit easier on unhappy husbands who need a place to chill while their wives shop ‘til they drop.

The Global Harbour Mall in Shanghai has created "husband storage pods" and has them spread out all over the shopping center. Each transparent pod includes a TV screen, a keyboard, and video game consoles.

Overall, men seem to like the pods, but wives don’t!  One woman even said she was worried her husband might not want to leave the pod when she finished shopping.


A Woman Is Granted a Divorce Because Her Husband Would Not Respond to Her Texts

It's INCREDIBLY annoying when someone reads your texts but doesn't respond, and apparently, it can even be a fatal blow to a marriage.

A woman in Taiwan was just granted a divorce because her husband was reading her texts and not responding.  She'd see her texts marked as read, but he wouldn't write back, even to urgent stuff, like when she was hospitalized after a car accident.

The judge ruled that the texts showed the marriage had fallen apart and couldn't be repaired, so he granted the woman the divorce. 


A 7,000-Pound Pipe Lands on a Guy's Minivan, and He Survives

A truck that was hauling a bunch of scrap metal crashed into a guardrail on an overpass near Orlando on Saturday and tipped over.

Then a huge metal pipe that weighed about SEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS rolled out, fell off the overpass, and landed directly on a MINIVAN that was driving by.

The driver of the van was 36-year-old Jesus Escobar.  There's a photo of the pipe still lying on top of the van, and the whole roof is caved in.  But somehow he SURVIVED it with only minor injuries.

It looks like it landed on the passenger's side, and then rolled to where his head was.  It's literally the only seat he could have been in, and luckily no one else was in the car.

Jesus says the whole thing's a blur, and he doesn't remember it, but his family thinks someone upstairs must have been looking out for him. 

 (Click here to see a photo of the pipe on the van.)