Introducing the $2000 Pizza

Plus more with our "Freak Files!"

December 21, 2016

The $2000 Pizza

Have you worked your tail off all year and want to enjoy the spoils of your labor?

Good news –A New York City restaurant has just what you need!  The New York eatery just created a new pizza that features white stilton cheese, fois gras, truffles and caviar for the low, low price of just $2000!

Executive Chef BRAULIO BUNAY calls his food baby the "epitome of decadence," but it's not for the spontaneous diner --you've gotta put your order in two days beforehand.


That Man’s Got A Gun

How would you feel if a man sat across from your kids school on his porch with a shotgun?

That's the dilemma facing parents in Wichita, Kansas, at Kelly Elementary School. The man's name is KYLE and there's nothing authorities can do. The gun is a legal hunting rifle, he legally owns it and he's sitting on his own front porch, his property.

Kyle admits that he's had a couple of arguments with people over parking but told police that he just felt like sitting outside with his gun.

Quote, "People have the right to think what they want and believe what they want," he said, "but just because I have a firearm, I'm not a bad person. Mainly, I just want people to know I'm not a bad person and for the lady that I had the confrontation with, I apologize, didn't mean to call you a name I was just trying to have you move because you were blocking my driveway."


Good Timin’!

The highs are high and lows are very, very low. TONDA RHODES of Indianapolis, Indiana, isn't having such a great year.

She just lost her husband, WALTER, to cancer on September 11th.  While she's getting used to life without her man, she stopped off and bought a scratch ticket.  Maybe her late hubby was her guardian angel, because she scratched off a winner for $77,777 dollars on a Gold 7s Scratch-Off ticket.

Hopefully things will continue to look up for the widow.